The most dynamic and progressive break-through solution in recruitment and response handling yet!
See a job, find out more about the company and its terms and conditions of employment, and apply for the position online.

Traditional and electronic recruitment - the modern solution:
"Born out of many years experience in the recruitment advertising industry "JONTI" is founded on the idea of capitalising more fully on the power of the internet and providing a contemporary, technology-based solution to response handling and shortlisting"

Handling volume response, in a professional and fair manner, can be both costly and time consuming without any guarantees of finding the right applicant. JONTI provides a straightforward, transparent and cost effective electronic recruitment solution that can be implemented immediately and customized to suit the client needs.

Why JONTI has real benefits in real-time:
Through years of intensive research, JONTI has developed a unique process which has established an enviable reputation both within the human resources and recruitment industries.

About the concept - competency based assessment:
Competency based methods of evaluation directly measure skills and abilities specifically relating to the particular job for which assessments are taking place. The basis of these assessment methods is that the individual's performance is compared to the criteria required for the job and not only to the performance of other candidates. Because of the practical and work related nature of competency assessments, there is less chance of bias occurring during the evaluation process.

The assessment exercise is often based on a sample of the job, or a case study, or a situation related to a specific job. The candidate is expected to demonstrate competence in certain areas, (e.g. customer services, calculations etc), since this provides evidence of their ability to carry out work to the required standard.

Competency based assessment exercises are not defined as psychometric or psychological tests by the Psychometrics Committee of the Professional Board for Psychology, and therefore fall outside of the definition of psychological testing as stated within the Employment Equity Act. Despite this however, the assessment exercise that the candidate will have been asked to complete has been evaluated for fairness, reliability and validity. It also conforms to the principles of the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Equity Act.  These assessments were prepared by DR Lee Conway.

The response handling solution offers the following:
Save time by managing the recruitment process more efficiently.
Build employer brand.
Manage and own your own database of talent.
Processes large volumes of responses speedily.
Screens applicants fairly.
Assesses the suitability and competence of applicants as part of the screening process.
Keeps organisations informed on both the response rate and general demographics of applicants.
Generates a shortlist of screened applicants as part of the selection process.
Provides a response service to unsuccessful applicants.